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Business Introduction

Lianqiao Group integrates the design, development, production and sales of garments guided by design, oriented by brand development, focused on high-end foreign trade, and based on modern factories. We have set up the first “China Knitting Yarn Resource Sharing Platform”, which is recognized as a demonstration project for national platforms for “entrepreneurship and innovation” in manufacturing. We are also recognized as a Fabrics China Trend Research Center - Knitting Yarn and a FCPP - Sweater of China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC).

With 3 garment sample development centers, 6 production bases and 600+ collaborative factories in China, Lianqiao Group has created a number of independent brands represented by SYSS, NYMPHER, UNIBRIDGE, Tianyeheshan. We maintain good rapport with global mainstream customers and sell products to more than 30 countries and regions including Asia, America and Europe. We have also founded R&D centers and branches in Japan, the United States and the UK.

China Knitting Yarn Resource Sharing Platform

This platform is a comprehensive platform for vertical industrial collaboration approved by the NDRC and built by Lianqiao Group alongside the China National Textile and Apparel Council, the Comprehensive Research Center of Electronic Information Technology in the MIIT, and the Administrative Committee of Weihai Torch Hi-Tech Science Park.

The platform is run in the model of “yarn exhibition offline + intelligent sharing online”. Centered on the trend of China’s knitting yarn and powered by the industrial resources of national industrial organizations and the professional resources of Lianqiao Group in knitwear, the platform continuously combines, improves and brings together the strengths of enterprises, brands and markets. It provides a suite of services to facilitate collaboration and sharing, including the research and release of fashion trends, the design and development of products, the marketing and display of products, the crowdsourcing and incubation of designers as well as e-commerce. The purpose of the platform is to achieve collaborative production, design and services in the industry and build an internet headquarters-based economy.

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